Research began with about 30 test subjects chosen (kidnapped) from the surrounding area. Out of these 30, 22 developed terminal brain cancer, and died within the year, while 7 ceased all life functions within 24 hours of removal from their sensory deprivation tanks. Only one man is known to have survived the complete battery of preliminary tests with no apparent physical harm, Job Whyte. He is also credited as having named the research compound: Gehenna, the deepest pit of hell. Why or how Whyte survived when all others didn’t is still up for speculation, but most of his background has vanished since his time of induction into Gehenna. What is known about Whyte is that he was the illiterate son of a preacher in the Appalachians, who had spent most of his adulthood working in a coal mine. Whyte was seemingly unafraid of the prospect of sensory deprivation because of his work experience. When asked about his experience within the deprivation tank, Whyte simply stated the words, “they be watching us,” and was not known to have ever spoken again after this.