1. This is part of something greater.

I made my rounds, ensuring every room within the facility was secure before leaving for the day, ensuring to turn off each set of fluorescent lights behind me as I exited. After a time, a great deal of darkness had pooled within these halls, and though I knew the campus to have emptied of all persons, I could not shake the feeling that I was not entirely alone; for it was within that darkness, a sentience stirred.

From the campus, to the metro line, to my residence, it followed. It's intentions were not cruel, in fact I believed them to be a sort of true neutral. It took its time before it spoke to me, but it always let me know it was nearby. It wanted to be known.

It was only in the most quiet of moments, did Nehemoth speak to me.

2. The idols of Canaan



5. I fell asleep softly, at the edge of a cave.

6. When I was done dying.

I once thought of how every inch of this earth, in its long and storied existence, must have, in some form, born witness to all manner of tragedies that the universe could bear down upon it. And that if every space were to be hallowed, the world would be a grave.

7. I held my hand to the fire.

8. Waiting for the break, in space and time.

9. I'm not ready for the world to end.

10. Split from her breast.

that which peers into me, now peers out into the world

My mind is in tatters, split in two

That which permits, and that which protests