"It is the oldest of rituals-- War." -Councilman 8
A secret society that operates behind the world’s governments.

Reports as to their origins vary, but common theories tend to allude to a possible genesis in either the French Revolution or even in a 19th century American artist’s commune. The identities of their members is a closely guarded secret, and any attempt to uncover it has often been met with death (Nicolai states that a contact of his was killed when he discovered that one member owns a major broadcasting company, but he does not elaborate on which company, and likely doesn’t know). The Synaxis operates from a retreat just outside of Washington, D.C., where they will often hold meetings to discuss their plans, or initiate new agents or “Arbiters” of their plans.

The Synaxis is also the chief funder of the Pantheon program, having aided in its creation via the CIA. Several Pantheon agents are known to also have been agents of the Synaxis; chief of among them, the top research technician, Peter Dirac . In 1980, after the creation of the first Manipulator , Peter was tasked with distributing the formula for the distillation of XS6 to Soviet authorities, in order to create a visible threat that would legitimize Pantheon research, at the behest of the Synaxis (Peter would never be caught, and another man would be blamed for his crime). This also served the dual purpose of spreading XS6 to other countries, in order to create a larger pool of Manipulators that would be utilized in the Synaxis’ master plan.

The Synaxis’ true goal is to elevate themselves to a god like state, through the sacrifice of the human race to the Tradesmen. However, only humans that have an amount of XS6 within them can even be contacted by the Tradesmen. To this end, the Synaxis has established a vast program to poison large amounts of the population with minor doses of XS6, usually through drinking water, but also through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder rehabilitation therapy for returning Global War on Terror veterans. In late 2013, Synaxis agents utilize the captured Iraqi Manipulator, Fatima , in order to initiate a massive “bridging event ” that will bring about this exchange.