Following the official disbandment of the original Pantheon Project, certain personalities associated with its creation sought outside funding for their continued studies. Foremost amongst these persons, was Dr. Dirac.

While the U.S. Government retained certain Manipulators in order to maintain and eliminate possible rogue Manipulators, it no longer trained persons capable of these same feats. The Russian government was in a similar position, finding that many of the manipulators created during the Soviet era had now become pseudo-warlords, imposing their will on the failed states within the former Warsaw Pact countries. The information produced by Dirac during his tenure with the project eventually found its way into the hands of GLOCKNER Holdings, and its subsidiary, GLOCKER Medical. In secret, GLOCKNER would attempt to recreate the earlier experiments conducted by Dirac and his cadre, often with great success.

These so called "Second Wave Manipulators" were not answerable to any state, but rather, to the Synaxis directly. It is rumored that certain members of the Synaxis also maintain a squad of manipulators as personal body guards, as evidenced when Barrette attempted to approach a suspected Synaxis member, only to find all of his electronic devices wiped due to an electro-magnetic pulse. Similarly, a detachment of Second Wave Manipulators responded to Feynman's break in at the GLOCKNER Medical Records storage facility, when he attempted to secure the names of all current Manipulators being tracked by the Synaxis from their main server farm.