An unseen war has waged in the “American Century”— fought not with bombs or guns, but with the awesome, reality-altering powers of a forcibly enlightened caste of soldiers known as Manipulators.

Theirs is the power over the four fundamental forces which shape our universe: Gravity, Electromagnetism, and Strong and Weak Nuclear Force.

Once pawns in an elaborate game between the Soviet Union and the United States, Manipulators have since outlived their usefulness to their former masters, as darker machinations are beginning to come to fruition.

Still, the sins of a forgotten human arms race must be atoned— and vengeance is coming to these new gods of war.

Do not despair because there is no God. Despair because He is very real, and he loathes you for it.

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P̶A̶N̶T̶H̶E̶O̶N̶ is a series of ten 24+ page, full-color comic books for mature audiences of all ages, revolving around an untold chapter in American and world history, defined by military espionage, esoteric superpowers, and metaphysical conspiracy.

The story begins, joining investigative journalist Samuel Barrette as he attempts to unearth information on a discontinued government project, which allegedly operated unseen by the public eye in the decades preceding the new millennium. Through his experiences, and those of a complex cast of characters whose lives have all been transformed by their own clandestine involvement, unfolds a mind-bending account of deeper mysteries and darker conspiracies with roots older than America herself.

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