A rumor floated north, traveling perhaps by coyotes (four-legged and otherwise) as they plied dry river beds and dusty plains till they reached America. From there, the rumor was telegraphed by every half-witted mystic who had ever been hit sideways with their mother's sandal-- somewhere, deep in the heart of Mexico, a group of scholars was gathering. Scientists and their assistants, artists and their patrons, all gathered in what began to be referred to as "Orbos Teqlam;" and if the rumors were true, this secreted enclave should very well collapse under its own intellectual weight.

The stories all remained relatively the same, but changing ever so slightly: this international cabal of scientific minds met to look into the subjects no other academic institution would allow, far from prying eyes in the jungles of San Luis Potosi. Or was it along the coast, near Monterey? Chiapas, perhaps? Regardless, a blackhole was forming, and its existence, or perceived existence, had a pull upon all the fringe groups one might expect. One of whom being PANTHEON.


The cadre assembling in the jungles of San Luis Potosi is in fact a real thing-- and it is as they say: scientists and mystics joining forces to contact and commune with an entity only they have yet named. While the Synaxis is intimately familiar with the beings on the other side of the veil, and have a patron in one Tradesman in particular known as the Luciphage, or Moloch, they remain ignorant of the Tradesmen's true purposes and intent.

The men and women of Orbos Teqlam, however, understand this much about the Tradesmen: they are not gods per se, but rather lifeforms which have evolved along their own set of evolutionary rigors in a higher dimension. The city in which these beings inhabit, is Orbos Teqlam Orbos, the city out of space and time. It extends in all directions, and encompasses all things.

It is the city out of time and space, Orbos Teqlam. Crafted of light and smoke, expanding in all directions, infinitely. It is here that the Tradesmen dwell.

It is the Aberinkula-- the divining lens unto Orbos Teqlam. She keeps it in her

Your perception is so elevated that you can scarcely conceive of anything below it. You live and operate in the 4th dimension but a 1-dimensional existence is difficult at best to describe, because we will never experience it. Like man unto bacteria-- we understand this existence, yet it is not our own, so we know very little.