An electromagnetic force Manipulator produced by the Soviet manipulator project. Previously a Russian orthodox priest who oversaw an orphanage, Nicolai was transformed after his unwilling participation in the experiment. Nicolai was deployed on numerous occasions to counter uprisings in eastern Europe, as well as Afghanistan. He eventually split from his Soviet masters, after the collapse of the Union, and took up arms against the new Russian Federation in Chechnya, during the first Chechen war. He is eventually killed by Jude on Jude’s first mission as a Manipulator.

Tell me boy, are you afraid? It is good to be afraid. It keeps the mind sharp-- it is complacency, not the bullet, that kills. Do not ignore your fear. But know this-- you are on a righteous, holy endeavor, and God is with you. I am with you, boy.

In my own way, I prayed. My quiet supplications echoed into the void, received by nothing.

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