Surface, Open-Web Materials

GLOCKNER Medical Group advertisements

Innocent sounding blogs, perhaps a family tied to one of the multiple characters. Feynman, perhaps.

"Dad was sick again today..."

Students uncovering the original Berkley Trial Notebooks, and experimenting with them.

The Sedona Cult advertising for religious excursions (perhaps sponsored by the GLOCKNER Medical Group)

Jude's physics class which he teaches at a local university (and regularly fails to attend)

Deep Web Materials

-Barrette's personal online drop box

Research Documents, ostensibly pilfered from a certain German Medical Group.

Correspondence between Barrette and Dr. Bryan

Correspondence between Barrette and an as yet unidentified person, who claims to be from the Medical Group.

-Post-Pantheon Monitoring Network

While the PANTHEON Project has been officially dissolved, there remain certain elements within the US Government which wish to see it either continued, or simply observe the existence of some former patients if only to gleam some further information regarding the use of XS6.

This will include:

Medical notes regarding the continued mental degradation of certain former PANTHEON agents.

A staticky video feed from an unknown location of an imprisoned woman (Fatima).

Secret surveillance footage and images of a man as he goes about his daily business, even if that business appears as if he is insane. (Feynman)

SYNAXIS Member Network: Black screen, edged in gold filigree, Log on and password. Details certain rituals and preparations for the apocalypse.

Offline Materials, Telephonic