The Mercy

The Severity

The Mystery

The Wisdom

The Joy

The Kindness


The Beauty

-Believed to be an ex-lover to a member of the inner communist party. When the party member's advances were eventually rejected, she was sentenced to a Siberian gulag, where she would eventually be brought in on the Soviet Manipulator project. EM manipulator, specializing in microwave radiation.

The Glory

-A manipulator whose entire history before his enlightenment is unknown. Believed to have been another soviet political prisoner. His existence is only claimed by a handful of Russian country side peasants who claim to see a glowing figure frequent the woods outside their villages, occasionally howling in agony. High radioactive readings are present in areas where the peasants claim the figure has been.

The Sympathy

The Empathy

The Apathy

-A young woman believed to have been caught in up in a vicious KGB plot which implicated her parents. When she refused to collaborate with the agency, she was sentenced to a life of hard labor in a far off prison camp. Extremely powerful Gravity Manipulator, whose body has become home to an anomalous, self-sustained black hole, which she uses in a weaponized manner to bend both space and time.