The scene opens on a young woman, resting in the lotus position within a hermetically sealed concrete room. An IV drip bag is attached to her arm, while a series of electrodes dot her head and body. Several cameras positioned around the room focus their sights on her, allowing a host of scientists in an adjacent room to study her every move. Outside, the scientists can be heard making notes on her physiological responses. One amongst them notes the woman "is approaching the final sephirot". At that moment, the woman lifts her head to the ceiling, while her eyes roll back into her skull. Her mouth is agape, and she begins to emit a low, rolling moan. From the adjacent observational room, a rejoicing voice announces that she "has made contact with the EDI." The whole of structure begins to rumble, and the fluorescent lights above the woman flicker and spark. The various computer terminals used by the scientists power down, and the entire facility is in darkness. There is a pause, a quiet anticipation falls over the crowd. Suddenly, the computer terminals restart, and a single phrase is repeated continuously across all screens: "TRESPASSER."

When the lights return, the woman is revealed to have collapsed to the floor, and is foaming at the mouth. Her observers are frantic and scramble to figure out what just happened.


Samuel Barrette is meeting with Peter Dirac before a scheduled appearance of his before a group of noted scientists.