A subsidiary of GLOCKNER Holdings, the GLOCKNER Medical Group is a multinational pharmaceutical corporation based in Berlin, Germany. Holding an enormous wealth of patents related to medicine and health, particularly in cutting edge gene-based therapies and related pharmaceuticals, GLOCKNER Medical group is secretly the research and development arm of the German (and possibly even the European Union's) manipulator project.

The German government's reason for initiating a Manipulator project is unclear at this time, but it is possibly an attempt to better understand a weapon the US government is very ready to use.

Rumors persist that GLOCKNER Medical Group is still partially funded by the SYNAXIS. Theories related to this propose that the expansion of Manipulator research beyond the US (and indeed into China, Russia, and at one point, Iraq and North Korea) is all part of the SYNAXIS' grand strategy to bring enough Extra-Dimensional Artifacts into our own world, in order to initiate their secret, final ritual.