Binah (meaning "Understanding"; Hebrew: בינה), is the second intellectual sephira on the kabbalistic Tree of Life. It sits on the level below Keter (in the formulations that include that sephirah), across from Chokmah and directly above Gevurah. It is usually given four paths: to Keter, Chockmah, Gevurah, andTiphereth (some Kabbalists place a path from Binah to Chesed as well.) In an anthropomorphic visualization (in which the sephira are reversed, as if one is standing inside the tree, looking out) it may be related to the "left eye", "left hemisphere of the brain" or the "heart."

Binah is associated with the color green.[1]

A key theme here is understanding: Jude will realize that he is in actuality, the final corruption, that of the soul, as will all of his compatriots as they begin to piece together his otherwise erratic actions throughout the last two decades.

While Jude's main mission as Mercury Royal was always to eliminate potential rogue Manipulators, we realize that he has actually been quite bad at this, and has allowed a large number of them to live instead, to include Feynman. The true purpose behind this, of course, is that Jude is attempting to build his own tree of life, with certain chosen persons to act as surrogate sephirotic sacrifices. This web of deception extends even to Barrette, who will come to assume the Malkhut sephirot, which was originally intended instead for Dr. Dirac.

Additionally, this will be the last appearance of Nicolai, whose efforts in the flashback piece, set in approximately 1994, will have him killed.

You doubt me friend. You think me a non-believer, but the truth is I have more than faith: I have proof. I do not worship god because I know him to be untrue, quite the opposite, he is very real. I do not worship him, because I know what he is.

You've seen it too, haven't you? Yes... You just walked away with a different answer than I did.

I do not hate you.

This is all part of the process. Tyranny. Oppression. Resistance. What would you rather these people do? Everyone would rather be a revolutionary than a criminal, and I gave them that choice.

With his last bit of energy, Nicolai raises his left hand to Jude, who stands over him, not victorious, but shocked. The grievous wound Nicolai suffers, from a piece of rebar which has pierced his heart, continues to spurt bright red arterial blood. In his blood-soaked and tightly clenched fist, Nicolai passes his silver russian orthodox cross Jude.

Jude is silent.

I'm glad we met, my son.

I wouldn't have wanted anyone else here. No, It had to be you, it always had to be.

It didn't have to be this way. I didn't want to do this.

It doesn't matter what we want, my son. What matters is that we play the part we were meant to play...